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{Trend Report} The Right Stripes

Who doesn't love a stripe? For many, seeing a thick cabana stripe can transport us, in mind if not body, straight into a Slim Aarons photograph or the jaunty pink and green candy striped ceilings of the Beverly Hills Hotel. This crisply-chic look-which can be traced to the blue and white Breton mariniere knit shirts worn by French sailors-can be summoned with the addition of one or two simple pieces, like a smart dhurrie rug or canvas beach umbrella.

But stripes weren't always an illustrious bearer of the good life. In the middle ages, wearing stripes marked you as a socially maligned denizen of social Siberia along with criminals, heretics, and court jesters. Even zebras, whose likeness has become a global exemplar of chic, were condemned as members of Satan's Beastiary.

Today, of course, stripes are not only socially acceptable but they're beloved-but never boring. Take a scroll through your social media feeds and it won't be long before you discover some parallel lines. Stripes, the perennial it-girl of design, have a Zelig-like ability to absorb the moment, cut through the algorithm, and still pack a visual punch you'll remember. Here are some favorite items to get the look you'll love. All available through Carriage House Studio's curated collection. Warmly,

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