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​Just as I approach my home and the home of my loved ones, I strive to achieve a status of polished practicality for clients. Many clients are searching for a space that comforts and contains amazing memories while inspiring them to enjoy their day to day.

Our process begins as a conversation and ends with the finish line. from our on-board meeting, to the design proposal and execution, all leads to the one moment: your reveal, your wow, your 'ahhhh'. life moves forward in your home that's exactly what you needed. polished. practical.


Our initial conversations getting to know each other & your vision. Each design detail moving forward reflects the relationship we develop.


A comprehensive presentation of finishes, selections, renderings & design boards that will help you visualize the overall look of your project.


Behind the scenes management of every facet of your design; from ordering selections to shipment tracking and scheduling trades.


We see your final vision transformed into reality by executing all of your wants and needs. And last but not least you are welcomed home!

minneapolis home design carriage house studio kelly.jpg


Anybody who knows me knows that I am the consummate homebody. My favorite moments in life are alongside my family and close friends, entertaining, organizing and nesting at home.


You can likely find me at home walking the rooms and hallways turning off overhead lights in favor of lamps, drawing the draperies, lighting candles and endlessly curating the spaces to fit my mood. I have been known to " surprise" my mom by rearranging a cupboard, hang art over a glass of wine at my sisters house, or source the perfect decor for a friends night table while out with my twin toddlers. 

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