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{Trend Report} Wallpaper

Classic, neutral walls, we love you. But we're in the mood for something bold. Wallpaper does the trick!

Wallpaper is back, and botanicals are bigger, bolder, and more dramatic than ever. Vivid, unexpected color combinations take the lead in influencing a space's palette; larger than life motif's burst with personality. Though lush, and a little wild, the patterns' structured repeats instill a sense of order in a room. Start small, in a less used space like a powder room or laundry room. It's time to give wallpaper a shot & I think these florals will grow on you!

White line drawn florals stand out on an earthy green background and give a big does of pattern without going overboard.

Local artist, Abbey Holden, pops blush florals against a french blue background for a feminine, undated motif.

A moody, oversized pattern gives a small powder room a punch of personality and the perfect photo op background.

So what's your opinion of wallpaper? Yay or nay?


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