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{Design Trend} Three-Tone Kitchens

I am having a blast designing a remodel for an amazing family in Plymouth and we've been having a lot of conversations around updating their kitchen. Since this topic is one that many homes can benefit from, I thought it would be fun to share some of our talking points and inspiration images with you all so grab your coffee, snuggle in, and enjoy the eye candy below!

One trend that is becoming increasingly popular in remodels is a three-toned kitchen. It wasn't so long ago that monochromatic kitchens saw a shift towards a two-tone kitchen. Homeowners embraced the idea of kitchens with two shades of cabinets or islands in a complementary hue, and trade pros were happy to make it happen. The newest kitchen trend is even more exciting because it incorporates three colors into a single, cohesive space.

Choosing different colors for your lower cabinets or island and upper cabinetry will add character and individuality to your space while tile elements allow you to play with pattern and color in a whimsical way. The result is a beautiful, layered effect. Here are a few ways this can be accomplished:

1. Painted Island:

An island with a different wood finish or paint color feels more like furniture than cabinetry, giving the kitchen a custom look, as done by Studio Mcgee.

2. Painted Lower Cabinets:

Meanwhile, painting the bottom portion of your cabinets really anchors your space allowing the rest of the room to feel fresh, open, and casual.

3. Painted or Stained Accent Cabinet:

By singling out a section of cabinetry and setting it apart with its own paint or stain selection, you create a big impact with cohesive, layered appeal as shown in this design by Design 4 Corners:.

4. Tiled Backsplashes:

At Carriage House Studio we love to see interesting opportunities for backsplash selections and installations. Choosing a backsplash with colors and textures similar to both the upper and lower cabinets will help create a unique bridge between the cabinets and add to the overall success of the design.

So, what do you think? Is this a trend you can fall in love with?


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