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The Design+Build Advantage

You've pinned all the pins. You spoke with your financial advisor. Your partner is on board. You're ready to start taking actionable steps towards the remodel of your life!

How many partners will you work with? Who do you start with: the contractor or the designer or the architect?

When it comes to remodeling, we know things can be a bit overwhelming which is why we’re here to help. Below, we have 3 benefits to partnering with a design + build company:

YOU GET A TEAM THAT WORKS WELL TOGETHER: Our design team and our construction experts and craftsmen work together on a daily basis. With the Carriage House Studio, you have the added benefit of a brother & sister duo. This means that in our 37 years of working together, we feel comfortable pushing each other to new limits to get the most out of each design, and we know when to bring one another back to earth to achieve breathtaking results that delight our clients.

IT'S EASIER TO STAY ON BUDGET: in traditional models of design-bid-build, there are several areas of poor communication, missed deadlines, and excessive changes resulting in project delays and costly outcomes. With design + build, the team collaborates from the beginning and foreseeable issues are addressed early resulting in fewer change orders during the project. This ongoing communication results in a smoother process with fewer delays that can add to your costs. At Carriage House Studio, we also begin ordering your product once you’ve signed a contract so that most materials are on-site at the start of construction.

YOU FEEL OVERWHELMED BY THE REMODEL PROCESS: Regardless of how simple or complex your remodel project is, it can be an overwhelming process by its very nature. As a full service design + build firm, we handle everything. From material selections, to permit applications and inspections; we leave you with a well-built, bespoke new space that is a reflection of the family that it holds and the stories that they share.

Looking for more remodeling tips & tricks? Be sure to check out our previous blog posts and follow along with us on Pinterest for more tips & guides!


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