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Bathroom Trends in 2022

Bathrooms and powder rooms are often seen as some of the most functional spaces of a home. Growing larger and more spa-like, steam showers, saunas, freestanding tubs or large enough to sit and soak turning the pages of a summer best seller, are becoming widely requested as a place to relieve stress and find refuge. While it takes time to plan everything out down to the last detail, working with Carriage House Studio helps streamline the process and plan for these "dream spaces". While we tend to stray away from anything ultra trendy, we can certainly embrace the fresh characteristics that we are seeing in the forecast. Here are some of our favorite design elements in bathroom remodeling today!

Wood Vanities:

Bringing the outside in is a larger design trend in general, but natural wood vanities are a top favorite of ours! Embracing the natural beauty of the wood and enhancing the tone of the space with stain, wood vanities complement a variety of styles from contemporary to transitional.

Design by Reena Sotropa

Natural Materials:

Piggybacking off of the above, adding stone and ceramic elements through countertops, sink vessels, or tile is another way to create personality in the bathroom while embracing earthy elements. In our Sally Lane project, a freestanding shower with stunning Carrara marble skirting, penny tile, and curb steal the show!

Brass Hardware:

Trending for some time, brass hardware and accents continue to demand attention. Unlike the shiny brass of the 1980's, today's brass tones are warm, rich, and deep. As a healthy balance, we always aim to have a healthy balance of warm and cool tones. Mixing metals and popping in brass ensures that our designs stay fresh & won't feel dated.

Which of these design elements would you love to incorporate into your own bathroom? Let us know in the comments!


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