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{Tips and Tricks} High Impact/Low Cost

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Looking for a handful of ways to really make a statement in your home without a full renovation? Here are 3 design decisions we make that have a high design impact with a budget friendly cost:

1. Painted Trim

Whether soft contrast, or carrying moody, deep hues floor to ceiling with painted trim is a very high design way to take your home from basic to custom. These beautiful spaces as found on Pinterest illustrate just how artisanal and custom this transformation truly is. The low contrast option is the highlight of the trim world and makes the most subtle impact!

2. Mixed Metals

Yes, you absolutely can and SHOULD mix metals throughout your home BUT there are a few rules to follow, so I've created a handy cheat sheet for you. Mixing metals elevates your home from builder grade to artisan custom home in a split second at minimal expense.

3. Swap Your Light Fixtures

What is worse than not enough light? A "boob light", without a doubt. Swap out allllll of those unsightly fixtures for ones with a bit more personality. Think of your lighting as the jewelry to your home & pull it all together. For some ideas, pop over to our previous blog post here.

I hope these simple ways to elevate your home make it on to your weekend to-do list. Be sure to comment your favorite & share your results with me! With gratitude,

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