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Where Fashion Intersects with Home Interiors

This weekend, I had the incredible opportunity to attend Fashionfest, a premier Twin Cities fundraiser for the U of MN's Masonic Children's hospital. As I watched the beautiful models and glamorous guests in attendance, I was reminded of just how closely the trends of fashion and home decor intersect when it comes to styles of the moment.

It typically starts with fashion. Fashion apparel trends have really been influencing what happens aesthetically in interiors. I first started seeing this blueprint about fifteen years ago. We’d see a trend from designer runway shows in Europe, and it would trickle down from there, first through ready-to-wear and later through the home.

As for the timeframe, it’s usually about six months-to-a-year until you see interiors take a cue from fashion. The trends then start to blur between what we wear – fabrics, colors, patterns, embellishments – and our home interior choices.

What trends are we seeing flow down from fashion into interior design right now?

There are three that are really strong right now:


What’s most interesting about velvet is it's hand. It’s a very luxe and opulent fabric. I think it’s always been popular for interiors when you’re trying to create a rich and elegant ambiance. However, until just recently, it hadn’t been very popular overall because of the influx of minimalist, Scandinavian, and mid-century styles. The incorporation of velvet in home design signifies a larger turn in the home industry toward creating cozier spaces and making our homes a respite rather while maintaining the elevated finish we've come to expect from velvet. Velvet , with its two-way nap, is very tactile, presenting rich, saturated color handsomely – especially updated tones like mustard and blush.


Another big crossover trend is the warmth of burnished brass, golds, and camel tones. However, uncharacteristically, this trend was prevalent in home decor before we noticed it in fashion. For the last few years, we have seen updated gold tones used for lighting, hardware, and decor. And, again, I think it goes back to the more recent trend of making spaces feel cozy i.e. warm. Whether it's in fashion or home, I can't get enough of the warmth that natural, woven materials and camel leather exudes.


The last trend to discuss has really been inspired by Gucci, which I’d say is always a favorite of mine when it comes to fashion. Gucci has shown a lot of florals, often mixed with other patterns and different fabrics. This mixed pattern and texture approach often serves us well in home interiors as well. One popular way I see this trend executed is in wallpaper but I also like to see it layered in with textiles, rugs, and upholstery.

Curious about how to incorporate these interior design trends into your space? Get in touch with me:


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