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{Trend Report} Trends To Celebrate Moving Into 2022!

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

As the new year settles in and we reflect on 2021, article after article floods in on the interior design trends for 2022. At Carriage house Studio we have always believed in leading trends and not following them. After all, Karl Lagerfeld once said, "trendy is the last stage before tacky". So many of our dear clients are anxious that their home will feel "trendy" and not timeless. One of the many ways we ensure that your home feels classic, is to evaluate the trend forecasts and incorporate the ones that are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Many of these we have been including for several years, and some we are encouraging clients to try for the first time. Today, we are taking a moment to reflect upon and share our thoughts on the timeless trends to embrace.

1. Something Old, Something New

There’s nothing we love more than incorporating a vintage touch into our projects through beautiful, collected décor. Whether you choose to incorporate bookends and trinkets or vases and artwork (or perhaps them all!) we love to style vintage treasures to truly give your home a one-of-a-kind, storied touch.

2. Embrace Original Wood Elements

In renovations, we work within the existing elements. Consider leaving your wood casing around the windows as it likely matches other areas of the home, creating continuity. We are in favor of updating the base, often replacing this to something a bit more updated or enameling it white is enough to tie the old and new together. We also love to see incredible millwork in existing homes, and we encourage our clients to keep these details.

3. Let There Be Light

One of our favorite ways to give a home more personality is to replace light fixtures with oversized or statement fixtures. No longer a side thought, light fixtures should play a major focal point.

4. Curves Are Sexy

Curvilinear furniture began taking the design world by storm a couple of years ago. Think circular couches, shell-shaped armchairs, and round mirrors. From windows, to doorways, and kitchen islands, no detail is off limits. These undulating design details will have you swooning. There is so much playfulness and comfort in them.

Photo Credit: Arhaus

5. Room With A Hue

For several years we have embraced more warmth in our spaces. Long gone are the days of all grey everything. From moody kitchens to bold patterns, and show-stopping walls, we are thrilled to see color coming back in a big, big way!

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