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{Trend Report} Go To Hardware

When I was a newbie designer, cabinet hardware was one of the last things on my mind during the selection process. I always thought it was a minor detail that wouldn’t really affect the outcome of the space…As I started working with custom builders, I quickly became aware that it IS important and that all those small details like cabinet hardware do matter…in fact, those details are the things that transform a space from good to great!

Most of our clients become puzzled when choosing hardware and we hear some of the same questions over and over…

1. Do our plumbing fixtures have to match our cabinet hardware?

No! In fact, I actually prefer if they don’t! Take a look at this picture from Andrew Ryan Interiors.

I love that the mix/match hardware gives the kitchen a casual, lived-in feel.

2. White cabinets can’t have bronze hardware…can they?

Although it’s not my first choice for white cabinets (give me sparkly, polished chrome on white any day!) it’s definitely NOT wrong! Depending on the amount of contrast you’re wanting and the look and feel you’re going for in your home it could be the most appropriate choice!

Right now there are so many unique knobs & pulls on the market that the selection process could seem long and tedious.  To help you along I’ve gathered some of my latest faves for you to enjoy!

Knobs: one | two | three| four

Pulls: one | two| three

Rings: one | two | three | four

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