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The Design Process with Carriage House Studio

Between colleagues, clients, and prospects, we are often asked about how we do what we do: what is our process? Do we work with clients out of state? How many projects do you manage at once? The list goes on and on. To put it simply, everything comes back to our four phases: onboarding, design, sourcing | procurement | management, and installation.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked diligently to refine my process and I am are so proud of the work we’ve done to make our clients experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. But this isn’t a one-woman show. There are so many key players and partnerships happening behind the scenes that you’d never see, and that’s what makes working with Carriage House Studio ideal: those details are handled in a fashion that you never have to think twice about it, let alone worry about it.

For those curious about what to expect as a CHS client, I’m taking a deeper dive into each of our four stages of service, the tools that help us get there, and the partnerships I’ve built along the way.

Phase 1: Onboarding

In this initial phase, the scope of work is defined, the budget is set, the LOA is signed, and you’re officially a part of the family. Welcome aboard! This is when the fun begins!

From on-site walkthroughs, style questionnaires, and creating vision boards, the onboarding phase is where I really get to know our clients on a personal level. It’s where we set the tone for the entire project, ensuring everyone involved is on the same page about the direction and input is shared about how involved you want to be.

I know you’ve put your trust in me, so every decision is made with you in mind!

Phase 2: Design

Now that I’ve gotten to know you better, I’m creating a customized and comprehensive presentation of selections from finishes to measurements and beyond, you will receive real life samples, boards and presentation that will help you visualize the overall look and feel of your project. I also provide an in-depth written analysis of what inspired me about your project and an explanation of how I arrived at the selections I did. This stage of the process is pretty consuming for me: I eat, sleep and breath all things design!

If your project is a renovation: I plan your spaces down to the centimeter and select finishes including flooring, countertops, cabinetry, millwork, paint colors, lighting and architectural detailing. We’re ready to start building from the ground up—together.

If your project scope is for furnishings: I plan your spaces and layout to scale and select furnishings from the top down and bottom up including rugs, lighting, window treatments, wallpaper, paint colors, accessories and more. No part of your space is left unconsidered.

Phase 3: Procurement and Project Management

Consider this phase as “behind-the-scenes”: hours are spent on administrative tasks such as proposals that you’ve accepted, revisions for items you did not accept, orders are being placed in a strategic fashion and shipments are tracked.

During this phase, I receive your finishes and furnishings at a local warehouse for inspection and hold them until installation. Some smaller items and décor are sent directly to me, where my team handles each item personally to ensure it is exactly as we need it to be. Only first quality items are accepted. Anything less is sent back and re-ordered. As always, I send you real-time updates so you’re always in the know. Often, you will receive a text or Facetime call with me as my excitement is too much to be contained and needs to be shared! These sneak peeks are so much fun!

Phase 4: Installation

It’s no surprise that this is my favorite part of the process—it’s where the hours of hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and laughs pay off and together, we finally get to see our vision become a reality.

Furniture is delivered, window treatments, hardware and lighting are installed, accessories are styled and artwork is hung with the attention of a seasoned curator. Then it’s finally time to say our two favorite words: “Welcome home.”



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