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The 3 Biggest Fears of E-Design

E-Design is relatively new to the world of interior design and it’s just one of the customizable packages I offer to help you fall in love with your home. You have questions. Maybe fears of using an E-Designer. Will I really get to know you? Will I design something crazy or over your budget? I had to laugh when I met a client's husband and after chatting with me he replied "But you're so normal!". Yup, I'm a normal girl, but I've used my 14 years of interior design experience to hone the process. I want you to love every step of the way.

Today I'm sharing the 3 Biggest Fears people have about Interior E-Design. These are questions people have asked me, and you might have these fears too.

Why Should I use E-Design instead of a traditional designer?

I get it. Many people have never heard of E-design let alone explored the service. E-design works best for clients who:

  • know what they like but need help pulling it all together

  • don't know where to start but have a vision for their space

  • are done with the buy-and-return cycle

I create your E-design so you have everything you need to pull together your room without ever leaving home. You can order your whole room in your PJs (I won't tell!)

Why should I choose YOU over other E-Designers?

Sometimes I’m not the best choice, and that is okay! I create REAL designs for REAL life. I want your design to be polished, but also practical. Most of my clients are women with kids and pets-and they have no time for "look-but-don’t-touch-designs".

One big difference between Carriage House Studio and other E-Designers, is I create a "Design-Inside-A-Box" filled with all of your drawings, floor plans, shopping lists, plus material and paint samples. I fill your box with all of your goodies and deliver it right to your doorstep. You can bring it with you to the stores, show a friend for feedback, and keep everything in you need in one place. Don’t worry-I also send you digital copies of everything as well.

I think you get what you pay for. And with me, you get a custom, boutique experience from top-to-bottom. After all, I want you to get your dream room with your first experience, then go off and live your life!

I’m afraid I won’t like what you selected.

My desire is to design a room you love, and that is why I take the time to gather as much information from you via your Welcome Packet! I get to know your tastes, style, and budget first. I never want my designs to reflect me, but YOUR style.

However, I do also offer one round of revisions with all of my Room Packages. If there is an item you don’t love, or doesn’t work with your needs, I will happily substitute it out with something new. If an item isn't available within 30 days of receiving your design, I will happily re-select that item for you!

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