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{Process} E-Design

Last month we covered allllll the details for full service design: how it works and what to expect. It's only fitting that we would cover our E-design services as a separate post. What are the key differentiators? How will you know if E-design is right for your project? Let's dive right in!!

The first thing we should cover is what is E-design, exactly? Since the rise in technology, and partnered with COVID-19, E-design services have swept the design world by storm. Virtual communication and no geographical constraints ensures that you are partnered with a designer who you love-someone who gets your style and your personality!

The process for E-design is entirely different than full service design, however, both service start at the same place-a complimentary discovery call together to discuss your goals, get to know each other a bit, and answer any preliminary questions before beginning. From here, we work together exclusively via technology: email, phone chat, document sharing, and access to Design Files software for communication.

One of the benefits to E-design is that you can implement your design in phases, as your budget or time allows! You can get creative with "dupes" or looks for less, or you may have to get creative if an item that is recommended is sold out when you go to order it, but you have total and complete control over ordering and managing your design plan. This DIY approach means that you are guided to measure and photograph your space, order your suggestions via retail shopping links, and tackle the delivery and installation of the selections, all the while having step by step written instruction.

Here's a breakdown of the 5 easy and convenient steps to E-design services with Carriage House Studio:

Businesses have gone online and interior design is no exception. The traditional model of visiting homes has been replaced by virtual tours and electronic idea sharing. Though e-design has been around for a while now, technology advancement has made it even easier for interior designers to collaborate, create and share designs with their clients.

We’ve embraced this new way of business for our clients and we think you’re going to love it!

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