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Pantry Party

Updated: Jul 20, 2021


In an ideal world, the perfect pantry is a walk-in room with floor to ceiling storage, abundant lighting, colorfully organized canisters a la The Home Edit. At least, that’s how I picture it.

As with all storage comes a need for organization.

The first part of getting organized is to determine what needs to be stored and how you will compartmentalize everything. Start by pulling everything out (yes, I mean everything!) and compartmentalize it into groups. In my pantry, my groupings are baking, cooking, dinner, breakfast, cereal, snacks, snacks, snacks…..and snacks. Also, wet ingredients like oils, condiments, and sauces.

Determine which items should be stored in bins or baskets, and which items should go into a canister. My rule of thumb is that anything that needs frequent or easy access goes into a basket. I'm looking at you, snacks!!

Ask yourself who will be accessing the pantry and how often. From there, work your way up or down. If you have kids who might be accessing their own snacks, find a spot down low for them to grab on their own (or up high if you don't want them always grazing like my two do)!

Below are some of our favorite vessels and containers for storage. After all, this functional space still deserves to shine! (All items shown are available for purchase through Carriage House Studio's Curated Collection)

There you have it! I hope these ideas inspire you to give your functional spaces a bit more love.


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