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{Tips & Tricks} Kids' Playroom Tips + Storage

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

HOW do the smallest people in our homes end up with the most amount of STUFF?? Just how!

When we chatted about organization in the pantry and kitchen, we surely didn't leave out the ways to declutter while still making sure the happy hands could reach their snacks, the kids can gain some independence, help out with dinner AND mom can get a quick break ;)

But we know there are a lot of areas to keep things organized for the kiddos!

If you have a playroom, it's nice to keep things organized in categories by toys so that the kids are always able to find something. There are AMAZING plastic zip pouches that work so nice for game pieces (and then you can toss out the half broken half ripped box too!), plastic totes for legos & the like. The shelving units with squares and canvas bins to slide in are another GREAT way for organizing and giving yourself some sanity!

Don't be afraid to carry that into their room! A toy box to put away the little things, canvas bins (like these here) are SO cute and can add style with personality - total bonus!

If you're in their room, is the closet a mess? Grab an extra rod to hang items by category (or even color coded)! Always be sure to grab a tiered tower to hold the smaller odds and ends like swimsuits, sports clothing items, accessories, or whatever else you see flying around! A big wicker basket always comes in handy for stuffed animals that they seem to be outgrowing until the random night when they insist on needing that specific one from waaaay back. It’s helpful for not only the kids, but the parents too!

Is there a place in your house that you're proud of because it works so well? Or a place that could use some work?! Tell me about it in the comments!


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