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If you listen close enough, you can hear the snow melting and the birds chirping. Soon the grass will be green and summer will be here before we know it! I don't know about you, but I know that summer time chases the blues away and we want to spend all of our time outside enjoying the great weather that Minnesota has finally given us again! Before the sunshine distracts us and we get all the feels of summer, here is a guide to getting started with your spring cleaning!

You can start by dusting off those blinds! Grab your favorite duster, (check out mine here), crank the tunes and get started so you can open them up and enjoy all the fresh air all summer long! Definitely don't want any dust mites floating amongst the breeze!

Make your own cleaning spray! I am a big fan of eliminating chemicals where possible and love this recipe using Young Living. Send me a message if you’d like me to connect you with a bottle of your own!

Do a little dance with your vacuum! I know vacuuming can be a weekly (or even daily!) thing for most, but i love getting a good deep clean in with our Miele vacuum.

I also LOVE to give the garage a quick refresh after all of the dirty snow, winter boots, salt residue and slush mud have taken over. Make it a family affair! Open the garage doors, pack winter items away in a good storage tote and sweep the floors for a nice clean slate!

Take your quick refresh inside! Give the interior of your home a little facelift so you are left feeling inspired all summer long! Make it a place you love to be in season from season. Adding in new throw pillows to your couch is a GREAT place to start! Here are 6 of my current favorites from Amazon!

Row one: one | two

Row two: one | two

Row three: one | two

Do not forget about yourself! I know the to do list for the house and maybe even your family is long, but there is lots to be done in your closet too! I know that purging can be one of the most dreaded tasks, but it truly takes a load off your shoulders! Start there. Haven't worn it all winter long? Don't wait for next winter! Off it goes! No need to keep 10 pairs of jeans as goal weight pants. Keep 1, donate the rest! You can also sell these items to make a little bit of extra cash for your summer fund! Purge It, Clean it, Organize it, then wear and love it!

There are SO many ways to get out there and feel refreshed. Start small and do what works best! I think it is amazing to have a fresh clean slate for a great design. There is a lot of fun to be had every season! Purging and eliminating the clutter is a great foundation for inspiration and success. Are you finding that you want a bigger haul? Are you still feeling sluggish?

If you're ready to discuss a way to transform your space, drop us a note! Reach out! We ALWAYS love to hear from you! Warmly,

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