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Featured in Redfin’s article “Top Interior Designers Reveal the Most Popular Trends in their City”!

With all the time spent at home recently, you might be starting to grow tired of the same home decor you’ve had for years. You’ve likely been scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration or maybe you’ve been looking at beautifully-staged homes for sale online. No matter where you’re looking for design ideas, it can be overwhelming to find a starting point, let alone a style that fits your home.

Don’t worry though, the searching stops here.

To help spark your creativity in redesigning your home, Redfin reached out to top interior designers from Birmingham, Alabama all the way to Seattle, Washington to share the most popular trends in their city.

Check out the full article that I, along with other top interior designers, were featured in: Top Interior Designers Reveal the Most Popular Trends in Their City.


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