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Design made easy with Relief Moving Company

Between colleagues and potential clients, I'm often asked questions about how we do what we do: What is our process like? Can we work with clients out of state? How do we manage multiple projects at once? The list goes on and on. To put it simply, everything comes back to partnerships.

Enter: Relief Moving Company.

I recently heard about Relief Moving Company through a friend and was instantly hooked. For those of you not familiar, Relief Moving Company LLC is a moving and labor service. Yep, you heard that right! Aside from their physical labor with moving small or large items like pianos in the Blaine area, Relief Moving Company also provides invaluable storage during those lengthy remodel projects.  Picture this scenario: you are working with a company to have gorgeous, new carpet installed in your basement. The company requires that you remove all furniture prior to install and need the space for a minimum of 24 hours. What do you do with all of the furniture and decor that this entails? A bed, desk, sectional, mini fridge, and more! If you’re partnering with Carriage House Studio, that means you have an awesome designer on your team who knows who to call & how to get it handled. And this is just one example for how we successfully partnered with Relief Moving Company to give clients a stress-free service.

There are several phases of design that I literally couldn’t do without them: hundreds of trips up and downstairs, walls and ceilings safe from dings, moving and removing boxes, after boxes and even more boxes, keeping me organized and sane-all invaluable to the services I provide clients and I know they can provide value to your busy life as well.

One critical phase I rely on Relief Moving Company is during Sourcing and Procurement: whenever a product is sourced from one of my skilled vendors, it is shipped directly to a receiving warehouse in Minneapolis, or to my own home depending upon the size and weight of the item. In any given project, that can look like dozens and even up to hundreds of packages, crates, and palettes arriving; needing to be unpacked, inspected and categorized or stored for installation. This is where Relief Moving Company, LLC is invaluable to me. I schedule them to come out and handle all of the logistics that go into the process.

Once a client’s install is scheduled, I arrange for Relief Moving Company to meet me at their home on install day. It’s no surprise that this is our favorite part of the process—it’s where hours of hard work pay off and we finally get to see your vision become a reality. Furniture is delivered and Relief Moving Company is there to help me with the placement of both new and existing pieces. Sometimes, they even move pieces more than once to get it just perfect. This allows me to focus on the things I really love to do like hanging window treatments, installing artwork and styling accessories. Then it’s finally time to say our two favorite words: “Welcome home.”

It’s so nice having a trusted company like the employees that work for Relief Moving Company. One of the biggest things about hiring a company such as them is being able to not only trust them to move your valuables with ease but also see the magic they can create by packing, moving and putting items back to where you need them to be without you ever touching anything. They are available to help you every single day between the hours of 7 am to 11 pm. If I need them to help move a piece of furniture such as a piano that I think a client would love to see in their upstairs family room or their foyer area they are happy to do it with their labor only package.

So how does it work?

1. Head to and enjoy how easy it is to navigate their website.

2. Browse their testimonials and select the service you want to try or ask for a quote. They offer free quotes with just a call or email both located on the website.

3. Courteous and knowledgeable people work through your questions and situation to schedule you.

4. Take comfort in knowing your hard work, valuable belongings and home are all in excellent hands! I also loved looking at their gallery wall to see the work that they’ve done on past homes, apartments and commercial buildings. This helped me give me a sense of the type of work they did as well as how detail-oriented they are.

It’s really that simple.

Have any questions about Relief Moving Company? Feel free to drop them in the comments below.


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I bought a new Outdoor Furniture by using Patio Products USA coupons. But we need to move them from Michigan to Indiana. I want to know the cost?

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