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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

It happens like clockwork: the days get longer, the sun starts shining through the dusty windows, and we get the incredible urge to purge. Or at least tackle a closet or 2. We take down the holiday decor, and have the opportunity to start anew: pitching what doesn't serve and coveting treasures that do. While we typically design homes for families, I believe it holds true that everyone wants a clutter-free home. But at the same time, there's life. Kids bring home art projects that absolutely can NOT make their way to the trash can, and the little jars of play-doh multiply into a mound. The simple fact is, is that we LIVE in our homes.

This year, I started with a hallway closet. And then moved on to the junk drawer and kitchen. Why on earth am I hanging on to broken crayons, dried out markers and random batteries that are more than likely dead?

Whether it's containers or baskets; shelves or hooks, we’ve loved finding pieces that not only make our clients homes pretty but also tidy. Of course, not all containers are created equal, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite finds that are going to keep your house looking put-together and stylish while still staying organized.

Be sure to share with us your favorite ways to stay organized! And if anyone has any tips on what to do with all of the random papers and stacks of notes that my kids bring home, I'm all ears!


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