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{Tips & Tricks} Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a classic and familiar way to command attention and draw a personal touch on a wall. They can also be a creative way to show off your personality, style and some of your favorite art pieces! Unfortunately, gallery walls can also be a haphazard conglomeration with no rhythm or harmony. In this case, a gallery wall can quickly turn into a design mishap!

While styling a gallery wall can seem like a daunting project, it’s easier than you'd think given the tips and tricks that I follow during installation & today, I'm thrilled to help you create your very own!.

Focal Point

Ideally, I like to start with the piece that the eye is first drawn too. Oftentimes, that means it is the biggest or boldest pieces of the collection. Once you have that piece, the surrounding art work should be placed around it.


When thinking of where you will feature your gallery well, I want you to think about maximizing its impact as much as possible. I recommend choosing a location where it’ll be a focal point in a room. I chose the foyer, in this case, because of its prime viewing location from many angles throughout the rest of the house. Plus it’s a great conversation starter when you have guest over. Win, win!


Don’t get us wrong, a set of uniform art pieces can look stunning, but sometimes we need to take it up another level by choosing to add an intentional mix of frames and art. Keep the color palette aligned within the rest of the space. A very classic and chic way to style these would be a mixture of black and white family photos, mixed with black and white art prints. Also, always use a mat.

Use a Border

Whenever you have a variety of frames and art pieces, you will want to create some structure. We created a tailored look while still mixing in the variety of sizes and shapes by adding a sharp boarder. To achieve this look, make a boarder on the wall ahead of time, giving the most varied assortment some structure by created sharp lines.

And finally, my last piece of advice is to have fun with it! Like I said, it may seem like a daunting project but it doesn’t have to be! Follow the steps here to success!

Did any of these tips surprise you? Be sure to tell us below!


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