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Creating CALM at Home

Your home should make you happy. You know that investing in your home is investing in you. Now imagine your home as a place that enhances the whole YOU-your health, energy, and happiness. Read on to bring out the best in your home...and maybe even the best in you.

Visual serenity in the kitchen

Packaged goods like cereal are designed to be loud and grab your attention. When you bring those containers into your kitchen, you create a visual cacophony. Bulk item sacks and storage systems such as glass jars and plastic bins make the transfer from market to home beautiful.

Conquering Clutter

Clutter is anything that gets in the way of the life you want. Your excess stuff falls into two categories: "memory clutter", consists of objects that remind you of the past and includes things you've inherited. I suggest saving a few choice treasures and displaying them in a place of honor. The "I might need it one day" clutter pile represents your hopes for the future-like a dusty treadmill. Set strict limits, such as keeping a single shelf of books, or restrict items to zones. Ask yourself, "does this item help you create the life you want?" By relinquishing certain items, you'll free up space for new opportunities.

Embrace the Power of Plants

When looking to recharge from a stressful week, people often flood to their nearest botanical garden or hiking trail to immerse themselves in nature. Why not bring the restorative qualities of emerald escapes indoors? Not only do they add verdant pop to your design scheme but, according to a study done by NASA, plants eliminate toxins from indoor spaces thus re-oxygenating your home. For those with a not-so-green thumb, try varieties such as parlor palms or snake plants that require little maintenance for maximum serene effects.

All rooms are important

Whether it's a small powder room needing a refresh or a less-than-cozy home library, it often feels easier to close the door on these rooms and deal with them another day. Unfortunately, they weigh on your unconscious and zap your energy—they are essentially a task left undone. Create home unity by making each space in your home inspired.

Let me know which areas of your home could benefit from better living through design!


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