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5 Ways to Add Woven Texture into Your Home

If you've been a fan of Carriage House Studio for any amount of time, you know that adding texture is a design rule basic that we follow with every design project. While wovens may immediately lead you to think "Coastal" or "Bohemian", it's actually an organic touch that work in a variety of design styles. Whether making a statement or creating an accent, opportunities abound to tie in texture with as much or as little commitment as you feel comfortable.

Woven Lighting

We often see woven lighting in a curved modern shape, with a natural organic color palette. It’s the definition form and function, because they’ll light up the room while looking so beautiful. They’re almost an art installation.

Woven Furniture

Paired with lacquered white paint, a set of woven dining chairs give functionality and warmth to this beautiful dining room. I mean, how could we take away from those windows?

Woven Baskets

We’re just basket people. We believe you should always keep a handful close to use as a planter, laundry hamper, a home for toys, or just something pretty.

Woven Rugs

Woven rugs bring an element of warmth and comfort! You can play with layering, or use as a runner. They work in kitchens, living rooms, kids’ rooms, bathrooms, and mudrooms! There’s no limit.

Woven Decor

As easier way to try out this trend is to snag a piece of decorative woven decor!

What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite way to incorporate woven textures throughout your own home? Be sure to share your favorite woven items with me & keep your eye on our curated collection of woven and textured items featured in our project reveals and on Instagram!


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