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I had the opportunity to tour over 300 of the 472 homes on display during the Spring Parade of Homes. I drove all over the metro in search of the amazing, the ‘ahhhh’ worthy, and the inspiring. Luckily, nearly all of the homes provided inspiration in one form or another. Here are my 5 favorite trends in design, as seen on the Parade of Homes:

Sunny yellow subway tiles brighten this Jack-and-Jill bathroom

1. Colorful Tile

From Subway tiles to scalloped; hexagon and Moroccan; there was no shortage of beautiful tiles all around. My favorites included bold colors or fun patterns. These installations were bold and made the home memorable. And speaking of tile: subway tile is here to stay. There was a great degree of variety in size, texture, and color, but one thing’s for sure: subway tile is still trending.

Scalloped tiles in hues of turquoise, green, and blue bring color to this modern remodel by Ridge Construction, LLC

A wonderful take o updated subway tiles: alternating color and size

2. Warm wood tones

For years now, we have seen grey tones on grey tones on more grey tones. Don’t get me wrong, grey is still very much front of mind, but we are welcoming back the rich, warm tones. The crisp contrast of white tones is the backbone to the success of theses designs. One of my favorite homes by TJB Homes, Inc utilized white oak cabinetry in the kitchen and then brought it up on the stove hood, layered with modern, elongated hex tiles as a backsplash. I think you’ll agree, making dinner here wouldn’t be half bad!

3. Moody & dramatic Wallpaper

Whether patterned oversized or miniature, wallpaper could not be ignored. Many powder bathrooms showcased this trend since it’s a small space; people are more inclined to try a bold statement, but not too small as to lose impact.

4. Cosmic Craze

Heavy astronomic influence landed at the Parade, resulting in some truly stunning pieces. From stellar silhouettes to ethereal materials, out-of-this-world elements were one common theme in new products. Iridescent surfaces, mixed metals, starburst shapes, and celestial blue and violets constituted this futuristic feel.

5. A Return To Nature

I saw endless amounts of standout product composed of natural materials, organic shapes and earthy motifs. Motivated by the desire to reconnect with nature, this trend is all about developing a sense of tactility and warmth in a space. This texture-driven trend was comprised of a muted color palette with shades of complex grey, warm beige, and earthy brown. Prevailing elements in this organic trend include stone forms, tree trunks, and knotted roots.

Be sure to comment below if you toured the Parade of Homes this year & tell me which homes got all of your heart eye emojis!


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