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Updated: Apr 1

Many are hosting for the holidays this year-for the first time in 2 years, and it’s a big deal! While it seems as though we blinked and the year flew by (wasn’t it Labor Day weekend just a few weeks ago?!), it also feels like an eternity ago that we hosted a warm gathering of our dearest loved ones. This pandemic life sure has kinked our lifestyle in so many ways! We know that hosting can be a lot on your plate (pun intended!), but our team is here to ring in the season and help you with tips to create a party they’ll remember.

Atmosphere is tantamount to the guest list at any successful holiday gathering. Below are my favorite ways to add a memorable touch to your soiree.

1. Show off your light:

The first order of business is lighting: suffused and twinkling, scattered and flattering. When you walk into a room and the overhead lights are off, soft lamps are lit, and candlelight twinkles; it changes the mood of the room and gives you instant atmosphere.

2. On the nose:

Lend attention to the often overlooked fifth sense by gathering seasonal fruits; apples or pomegranates, in a large bowl and paperwhite bulbs in a cachepot for seasonal cheer.

3. Give it a rest:

Next, gather a cluster of small tables and place them whimsically throughout the entertaining space-anywhere that a drink might rest. If people always have a surface near them, they will feel comfortable being able to set their drink down and keep track of where they placed their glass.

4. Create special moments:

My favorite tables are ones that are not overly full or distracting, but rather highlight the mood and create visual interest. This year, you will find a long garland of greenery running lengthwise down my table, while oversized candlesticks glisten and reflect the greenery with a hint of sparkle. A patterned table runner resting under the garland to give a pop of color, and layered place settings. I recently learned that the Victorians had individual place settings made up of 42 pieces! While stunning, I use 12 pieces at most.

5. Introduce a signature beverage or appetizer:

This simple, yet delicious, milk punch recipe is sure to leave an impression with your guests and reminds me a bit of old Hollywood glamour.

Whether you’re giving thanks or prepping for the new year, let’s toast to finding joy this season!


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