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Happy Birthday, Kelly!

A secret Q&A with Kelly's mom, Jody Hayes

Monday was a very special day here at Carriage House Studio because it was our very own Kelly Hayes' birthday!

Our team has been conspiring in secret to put something fun together, and today we have a first time guest on this blog for a Q&A: Kelly's mom!

We asked Mrs. Hayes about everything from Kelly's childhood bedroom, to her proudest moments, and you won't want to miss her answers!

When Kelly was little, what did you think

Kelly was going to be when she grew up?

I always knew Kelly would be in a creative field and I knew it would be something where she interacted with people-she always had a creative outlet or project in the works. I thought Kelly was going to be whatever she chose to be...but mostly a success!

Did you always know Kelly had an eye for design?

Kelly has always had an eye for design. She lives and dresses the part! She once wore each shirt in her closet...making it work with whatever she put it together with! Her father made her a doll house and it was set up like a home to live in. Sometime's she'd rearrange all of the furnishings. Now, her own daughter's have a doll house and some of the furnishings are her childhood ones. Honestly, I think she likes playing with it more than they do!

What did Kelly's childhood room look like?

Kelly has always been organized and neat. Everything was done with the highest level of attention to detail & nothing was left to chance. Everything from her dolls, to her books to her lamp and bedside decor were placed just so. As she got older and entered her pre-teen and teen years, posters and fashion ads lined the walls and once she had a collage covering her door (to her father's disapproval! Tape was going to ruin his paint!)

What is the thing you are most proud of

Kelly for in her design career?

She never gives up, even when there are hard moments; she finds a way and makes it work. She balances motherhood with her career in a way that always makes me proud. We all know that's a very hard thing to do, but she puts her girls and her family first while still managing to be as successful as she is.

Thank you for joining us, Mrs. Hayes! And hugs to Kelly on her birthday & always!!

The Carriage House Studio team

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