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Get Started with Spring Cleaning

We create all of these beautiful spaces for people and everybody in the end asks us, "ok now what/how do I clean it?". I'm sharing the great advice of our industry partners, household tricks I use, and a handy Spring Cleaning Checklist for when the urge hits. Let's be honest, once those days turn longer & green appears in the landscape, the last thing you'll find me doing is worry about cleaning.

While you'll always want to follow the manufacturers suggested care techniques for any product, we swear by Folex.

A drop of lavender or lemon oil mixed with equal parts water and white vinegar are an easy and family friendly alternative to harsh chemicals. Gentle enough to use on most surfaces, from quartz to chrome!

A trade secret…new vacuum models typically come out in June, so retailers are marking down last year’s inventory just in time for spring cleanup.

The best vacuum you can buy… Miele {and it comes in lots of fun colors…even white}.

Remember, varying textures can create luxurious design elements to any room.

Don’t forget about giving your closet some love. Wardrobe transitions are key. Store the sweaters, bring out the dresses. Swap the boots for strappy sandals and your favorite flops.

This list will keep you busy for a while. Next up, we talk about the Carriage House Studio Care Guide. We will share secrets to care for your linens, what to do if chocolate smears on the sofa, and what to use if you're on board with the lucite furniture trend.


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