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Beauty Under the Big Sky

Traveling is by far my number one place I gather inspiration. Whether I get ideas for color combinations, furniture styles, or overall design aesthetic, I don’t believe I would be able to create the designs I do with out these kinds of trips!



One of my favorite places in the world is Big Sky, Montana. I have made the trip west more times than I can count over the years, but this time, the trip carried more tears than most:

I was traveling to celebrate the life well-loved by my father, Michael Hayes, who introduced me to this gem of the west and who passed away suddenly in January, 2019. We were able to share some of our favorite memories and places with those who loved him & in turn, they fell in love with the place we all love.

Even in a time of sorrow and grief, I am thankful to find inspiration and beauty in the place I love. The color, pattern, and beautiful craftsmanship of the west reminds me of why I fell so deeply in love with interior design.

I am always taken by the incredible architecture and refined details of the buildings in Big Sky. Even though the majority of the homes have been around for less than a decade or two, the materials showcase so much history in their details. Hundreds year old timber and stone have been reimagined into

the stunning space by Locati Architects,

The talent and craftsmanship that exists on this property was out of this world. EVERYTHING is done by hand.

I love the way that texture is really emphasized in interior spaces in Big Sky. The palette can stay pretty neural and monochromatic, while the mixture of furs, leather, wool and metal all create a sense of warmth and sophistication without feeling overwhelmed with a rustic or lodge theme.

The colors of Big Sky Country also inspire many facets of my designs. The undulating blues, rich gem-hued greens, and deep earth tones translate so well into interior spaces.

If you are planning a trip to Big Sky, let us know. We would be happy to create a travel guide to help make sure you can have as wonderful of experience as we have!


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