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Mudroom Design Hacks

The key to having a functional and trendy mudroom is simple organization and getting creative with your design and decorating. Your mudroom should be just as on trend as the rest of your house.

It’s finally spring in Minnesota. This means that while the flowers are blooming, the mud seems to be making its way from the garden to the kitchen floors. Perfect timing to talk about Bria’s mudroom design and tips on how to create a functional mudroom that connects with the rest of the home.

The mudroom often gets overlooked. Some people think of it more as a storage space rather than part of the home. In reality, the mudroom is a pivotal part of the house. It’s the room that everyone spends time in on a daily basis. For some, it even becomes the first impression as people come and go through the garage or side door rather than the front door.  Having said that, your mudroom should be impressive, well kept, and organized.

Avoid clutter in the mudroom. Using cute baskets or containers for each member of the family is an easy way to keep the everyday items hidden but accessible.

Have custom bench cushions and pillows made to create an inviting space. In order to make it functional, use indoor/outdoor fabric to stand up to the dirt and mud. It also becomes a lovely space to wait for the rest of the family {because every family has a slow poke or two}.

Oversized lighting adds a dramatic effect to the room. To add interest to the space, use a bold, cheerful, unexpected {and also vintage looking} wallpaper.

Whether you are looking for mudroom ideas or planning a mudroom remodel, keep these simple tips in mind, and you are guaranteed to have an impressive space.


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