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Designing a WFH Office

Now, more than ever, home offices are getting more use than ever before. Creating a space that inspires, calms, and functions for multiple family members is of utmost importance.

Keep these top 5 tips in mind when designing your office space to be both beautiful and livable.

Inspire Yourself:

Be sure to incorporate special elements and artwork in your space. This will ensure you want to spend time in the space and evoke happy memories.

Master The Technology:

It's inevitable. Home offices have cords as a matter of definition. Many desks and casement pieces come with media accommodating holes and grommets, but if not you can disguise cords by painting them, running them under a rug, or tucked away in carefully placed woven baskets.

Sing The Blues:

A deep navy grasscloth paired with crisp white tongue-and-groove shiplap create the perfect mixture of texture and pattern. The deep, warmth of the wood bookcases establish a firm backdrop for the pops of blue, white and brass accents. (Prints from the talented Olivia J Designs)

Form and Function:

Home office furniture should compliment other areas of your home instead of screaming "soulless cubicle". Warm woods and carved details carry over into other areas of this home and ensure that the office space is just as a part of the home as any other space.

Let There Be Light:

Here's a bright idea-make sure your space has plenty of light. A mixture of natural light, task lighting, and surface lighting will cut down on eye strain and headaches.

Let me know how your WFH situation is going!


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