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Designing a Livable Home

You’ve found a perfect new piece for your's beautiful! It's white! It's one-of-a-kind! But your mind starts to wonder how it could possibly survive your kids, your lovable dog, and your lovable albeit messy spouse?


Over time, clients have continually asked for selections that are more livable, life-proof, and kid-friendly. And that's perfect, because we've found the perfect balancing act of sophisticated and sippy cup-friendly! Design decisions are made with you in mind: your style but also your lifestyle.

Read on for some tips to achieve a livable home:

Focus on the fabric:

Invest in pieces with timeless style and durability. Leather, prints, and darker fabrics are all a safe bet.

Add in a basket:

Nothing hides a mess or makes for easy clean up like a chic basket. Extra credit if it has a lid. I especially like this tip for kids toys and shoes at the entryway.

Celebrate the weather:

Choose pieces that already have a weathered or distressed look so that as time goes on, it looks natural and you don’t have to worry about the wear & tear. Think of these pieces as having character that your life adds to! I like things to have a patina, to show that they've been loved. Sometimes, it's more about a mindset shift.

Play with pattern:

We love to build spaces for our client's around a fun print or pattern. Not only beautiful, they hide smears and stains better than a flat surface would. If wallpaper makes you nervous, consider millwork. A beautiful shaker panel or board and batten will create a focal point.

Create a place for play:

Messes are more likely to stay in a designated kid-zone. Complete the space with a cozy reading nook, shelves for storage, and inspire imagination and fun with a dress-up area.

We hope this has inspired you to try that one-of-a-kind, fabulous piece in your own home!


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